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Beloved New Reserve Inspired by Happy Old Memories

Thanks to the generosity of Rouse and major contributors who acquired other parcels in the Reserve, and the efforts of volunteers from both MWLT and American Friends, Old Man’s Creek and the lands that surround it will remain undeveloped and as beautiful as Graham remembers them.

Announcing Save Some Green: guide for US owners of Canadian Property

American Friends is delighted to announce the availability of Save Some Green: A Handbook for US Taxpayers. For years, Canadian conservation organizations and landowners from the US (and the lawyers, accountants and financial planners who advise them) have been searching for definitive information about bi-national incentives for conserving Canada’s natural heritage.

Protect Canada’s natural heritage and your savings at the same time

The new U.S. tax law that went into effect on January 1, 2018 limits itemized deductions making it more difficult to lower your income taxes by making charitable gifts. But there is still an opportunity for you to help American Friends conserve places you love in Canada while also reducing your U.S. taxes. If you have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and are over the age of 70 1/2, you can donate to American Friends using funds in your IRA, and avoid tax on the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your tax-deferred retirement account.

AF Featured in Sault This Week: U.S. Group Repatriates Canadian Wild Lands

American Friends of Canadian Conservation has operated since 2007 with the goal of protecting Canada’s natural heritage by helping American owners of Canadian lands navigate their way through the complicated legal and tax requirements that come with being cross-border landowners.

“They often don’t know that they’re Canadian taxpayers and they can’t just give the land to their kids,” Sandra Tassel, American Friends program coordinator, told Sault This Week.

“We’ve had people come, ready to donate their property, and find out they have a whopping tax bill because they didn’t know they had to pay capital gains in Canada when they got it from their parents.”

Cross-border Conservation Training Program

Recognizing that American-owned lands are key conservation properties in many land trust catchment areas in Ontario, the Ontario Trillium Foundation has provided funding over three years to American Friends and Ontario Land Trust Alliance to launch the Cross-border Conservation Training Program (CCTP) in 2016.

US Enhanced Conservation Easement Tax Incentive

Last week the US Congress gave a wonderful year end gift to preservation advocates, protection-oriented landowners and anyone who values natural, wild places. In a bi-partisan vote that reflects Americans’ interest in conservation, irrespective of their other political leanings, both the House and Senate voted to make the “Enhanced Conservation Easement Tax Incentive” permanent and retroactive to the beginning of 2015. Here’s what that means to American Friends, its partners and US taxpayers who own ecologically-sensitive land, including in Canada.

American Friends of Canadian Conservation and Partners Create New Park in British Columbia at St. John Point

St. John Point, a 64-acre waterfront property on Mayne Island, is going to be a new regional park in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, thanks to a unique collaboration.

At the southwest tip of Mayne Island, St. John Point features 1.3 miles of pristine shoreline complete with beaches, a series of dramatic coastal bluffs connected by meandering trails through mature Douglas Fir forest, a prime remnant of a rare Salish Sea ecological zone, and extensive eelgrass beds. Located near the international border, Mayne Island is served by the BC Ferries system, making it accessible for low-impact, oceanfront recreation.