At Muskoka Conservancy we believe in working with our community to create and support a vibrant Muskoka that honours the traditions of the community and protects our natural spaces.

We work with an amazing group of volunteers, landowners, and supporters to protect our legendary landscape through acquisition, private land stewardship, and community outreach and education.

Our mission is “To nurture, conserve, and protect Muskoka’s natural and built heritage for future generations”

We protect 36 properties throughout Muskoka which accounts for more than 2,400 acres (9.71 km2) and over 37,000 ft (11,128 meters) of sensitive shoreline. These properties are protected through direct ownership or through conservation easements.
Executive Director: Scott Young,
Muskoka Conservancy, Box 482 Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 1T8 (705) 645-7393