The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a leading non-profit provincial land trust. We are dedicated to acquiring and managing ecologically significant private land in BC for wildlife, fish and plants.

Since 1971, The Nature Trust of British Columbia has secured over 178,000 acres with the support of individual donors, foundations, and other conservation partners.

Currently, we are raising funds to conserve 18.5 acres on Nicomen Slough, a remnant side channel of the Fraser River. This property will expand our existing 29 acres presently conserved at Nicomen Slough. Larger protected areas support more of the life needs of species and they are more resilient to impacts from surrounding areas.

Nicomen Slough is located in an area of continental significance to waterfowl the stop in the area during migration. Observers have reported a long list of bird species from Nicomen Slough, including the threatened Barn Owl and Western Screech Owl. But, the slough is best known for wintering Trumpeter Swans. An estimated 100 to 200 swans frequent Nicomen Slough from late November through January. The area also supports the threatened Tundra Swan, geese, and a diverse assemblage of dabbling ducks.
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