Why Support American Friends with your Financial Gift?

Canadian land trusts work tirelessly to protect the landscapes and communities that are cherished by citizens of both our countries – and many others. Their work reflects pride and love for Canada’s heritage. American Friends works tirelessly to help them succeed. Financial contributions from people like you who appreciate Canada’s lakes, rivers, shorelines, wetlands, forests and wildlife are essential to ensure the permanent protection of these special places.

Contributions to Support Canadian Land Trusts

American Friends assists organizations dedicated to protecting Canada’s iconic landscapes and US taxpayers who want to advance that work.  American Friends is like a donor-advised fund that accepts tax-deductible gifts of cash and securities from US taxpayers who want to underwrite preservation efforts in some of Canada’s most scenic, heavily visited and ecologically rich areas. Donors make grant recommendations to indicate how they would like their gifts to be used.

Contributions to Support American Friends’ Cross-Border Work

American Friends depends on charitable donations from US taxpayers who want to preserve environmentally significant land in Canada. American Friends is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a publicly supported charity so contributions of cash, securities and land interests are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. We are achieving remarkable results thanks to our American contributors.

You can give online to support American Friends or a Canadian land trust. Visit the webpage for more information on giving via check. Or call or email Sandra Tassel to discuss how to donate, including securities and land.

360-515-7171 or info@conservecanada.org.